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    36 Kirkland Ultra Soft Plush Microfibre Car Towels Cloths 40×40


    Incredible density at 350 GSM (grams per square meter)
    Extra-large 40 cm x 40 cm towel, rare to find at this price, go ahead check for yourself.
    This high quality / performance microfibre is absolutely perfect for all Household Cleaning, Dusting, Kitchen , Utensils , Benchtops. Among with its absolutely FANTASTIC household use, it fits perfectly even for the real professionals of Detailing. Will keep up to its commitment & purpose..
    Very high drying capacity, Thick and absorbent
    Eco Friendly, cleans without any use of chemicals
    Streak free finish, polishes as it cleans.
    Removes wax dust.
    Thicker weave absorbs higher amounts of water than normal cloth towels
    Please wash once before first use, to clean out any fluff and lint collected over the cloth in the factory. Hang dry cloth, do not use dryer
    Absolutely perfect for your RESTAURANT & BAR to polish your glasses and cutlery, to give it that ultimate pristine gleam & sparkle.

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